Escape Smoke Mask Kit ESM338

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Model No.: ESM338

The revolutionary Skywell Escape Smoke Mask delivers unparalleled protection by filtering hazardous toxin gases common to smoke from fires including Acrolein, Hydrogen Cyanide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitrogen Monoxide and even more importantly, Carbon Monoxide, the number one cause of deaths during a fire. The moisturizing agent, an all natural plant extract, makes the mask feel moist to the touch, and allows for easy breathing.

The Skywell Escape Smoke Mask uses the same technology currently used by tens of thousands of professional firefighters while fighting wildland fires and during the cleanup process after structured fires in the USA. The Skywell Escape Smoke Mask is intended to protect you, your family, friends and employees in case of a fire, emergency or terrorist attack. The mask will work effectively for 30 minutes or longer depending on conditions. The Skywell Escape Smoke Mask has a shelf life of five years.



The Skywell Escape Smoke Mask Kit is a vital tool in a variety of applications and situations.

Home Safety

70% of fire related deaths occur at home. While responsible parents prepare family emergency plans, they often fail to provide the tools to implement the plan. In addition to smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher, every home should have a Skywell Escape Smoke Mask Kit for each member of the household.

Office Safety

It often takes a significant amount of time to evacuate a high-rise building during a fire. Elevators are shut down and as a result, building tenants are forced to use the stairs. These stairwells are often filled with smoke. The Skywell Escape Smoke Mask Kit provides the essential protection to allow a safe and successful escape from a burning building.

Campus Safety

In the event of any fire, children are often exposed to higher risks than adults. Protect your children when they are away at school by providing each of them with an Skywell Escape Smoke Mask Kit. Every child care center, school and university should be equipped with Skywell Escape Smoke Mask Kits.

Travel Protection

Travelers are often faced with emergency situations in unfamiliar surroundings.  Fires may occur in airplanes, cruise ships and hotels. Private aircrafts and yachts should be equipped with Skywell Escape Smoke Mask Kits. The Skywell Escape Smoke Mask Kit is compact and lightweight. The Skywell Escape Smoke Mask Kit is a life-saving kit that every traveler should be equipped with when traveling.


Include the following items:

1) Carry Bag

2) Escape Smoke Mask

3) Escape Smoke Goggle

4) Fluorescence Light Stick

5) Whistle with black cord lanyard